zondag 26 februari 2023

Nothing Beats a Father's Love for ***2Crafty Chipboard***!!!

  Good evening sweet & lovely friends, 

I am so excited that you are here with me today as I bring you some inspiration. For this occasion I created a layout with a picture of my husband and darling daughter. For this layout I used a older prima marketing collection named "Georgia Blues" and their embellishments. I really love to work with blues but I find it very hard to take a photograph of my work since blue is hard to take photo's of somehow. 

Nothing Beats a Father's Love: 

2Crafty Chipboard used: 
Nothing Beats a Father's Love 
Corner Thick Vine
Snowball Tree 

All the chipboard pieces are treated with a layer of white gesso after that I spraypainted it with several sprays in a light blue color trying to mimic the color of the papers. Then I added some darker blue acrylic paint on every piece randomly. 

On the snowball tree I added some bling as I did throughout my layout after that I used some white spray to finish my work. 

Sure hope you like my layouts as much as I love making them. 
Stay happy & creative much