vrijdag 10 februari 2012

Busy Busy Busy.........and another super duper give-away.....

Hi girlfiends,

I'm so happy it's friday yeh....
Our son his birthday was on the 7th he became seven, on wednesday he gave a swimparty he had a blast !!!
Also his cute rat MAXIE died on the 8th so it became a little bit of a sad B day but ok! ( I cried too)......saturday we are having a party for the family....so it's a week of partying!!!
I hope Kevin is happy even though he feels a bit sad about his Maxie....
Ok now for the good part there is another super cool giveaway I will tell you about!
Courtney Fassler Walsh
One off websterpages great designers and outstanding author wrote this beautiful novel, A Sweethaven Summer.
I'm not a big reader at all.... but I want too really have this book so so so much so I will give it a go on winning it!
All you need (and I) to do is go to her blog ~~~~~here ~~~~~ http://courtneywalsh.typepad.com/telling_stories/2012/02/a-sweethaven-summer-online-launch-party-huge-giveaway.html and see what you need to do to enter...and not win only her great book but also more ......... good luck lady's.
The book is about: The story of Sweethaven centers around a faded scrapbook...one that's full of secrets and stories of years gone by...how cool is that!!!!
Well see ya later .......
Love Amy

maandag 6 februari 2012

Snow lovely snow !!!

Hi ladies,

 In my last blog I told you that I would come back later after taking pictures of the beautiful snow......... but "my camera"....... died well the batteries did........
So now finally showing of my pictures:

And yes we had a snow fight and me being with two men ...........you know what happend..... "I was so cold brrrrrr" but we had a blast!!! look below:

He is such a cutie without his two front teeth........

Making a snow angel in the backjard ........so pretty and last but not least a picture of us all together
Hope you liked my pictures.... I will be back soon .

Love Amy