vrijdag 27 januari 2023

Forever Treasure this Day heart canvas for ***2Crafty Chipboard***

 Hello fellow creative souls, 

I am so excited that you are here with me today as I bring you some new inspiration. For this occasion I created a heart canvas for my co-worker. Her daughter went to CuraƧao with her aunt & grandmother last August and her dream came true which was swimming with the dolphins. She & I just really love the pictures they took so she asked me if I could make something for her so I did. 

Forever Treasure This Day: 

2Crafty Chipboard used:
Esther Vine
Fishingnet Bits
Mini Word Set 1 
Mini Word Set 2
Palm Leaves Set
Mini Word Set 3 
Seaweed Set
Seagrass Set
Seashell Set 

The background that I created here took a couple of days since I love it when it dries & crackles naturally. I also used a couple of stencils on my background and some sprays and waxes.

All the chipoard pieces are treated with either acrylic paint, spray paint, rust paste and waxes. I really love the effect that paste makes on the chippies in the end I added some wishing bubbles & art stones. 

Sure hope you like my canvasses as much as I love making them. 
Stay happy & creative much