vrijdag 2 mei 2014

Cheery Lynn Designs Challenge 130 ***Bling it Up***

This week I decided to play along with the gorgeous Cheery Lynn Designs challenge 130  
My husbands aunt is diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago, I feel ready sad for her because there is a lot happening in her life at the moment. I hope this card will make her smile a little.

  Thinking of You:

Cheery Lynn Design dies used:


I hope you all like my card, have a wonderful weekend ya all,

May 2014 Challenge 13 - A Celebratory Mood Board by Helen Tilbury - Happy Birthday to SATW! EPIC ANNIVERSARY EVENT COMPETITION!!

Hi everybody 

Hello & Welcome to another awesome month at Scrap Around The World!
Can you believe we have already hosted ONE YEAR's worth of challenges?
Definitely something worth CELEBRATING don'tchya think!

It's been quite a ride & not without it's hitches & glitches but we are doing our best
 to hang in here for the long haul!  Inspiring YOU is such a fulfilling & rewarding task
 & we have seen our entries rise not only in numbers but also in standard, which
 means success in our eyes!  Our vision is not only to provide fun challenges but
also great incentives for you to improve your work by learning new skills & offering
so many exposure opportunities.

Without our community - ie YOU & your friends!  we wouldn't be doing what we do
 here & having so much darn fun doing it - so THANK YOU!  Please keep supporting
 & encouraging us & LET US KNOW if we make a mistake or do something wrong
in your opinion - as long as you are nice about it we don't mind!  We are learning &
growing as we go along & every month offers up something new for us too!!





This month things are going to work a little differently BECAUSE it's competition time! 
 Yes I know that EVERY month we host a challenge here but this month it is EPIC!!

We are looking for our 2014 EPIC WINNERS - ie the TOP TEN PLAYERS for our
first year (May 2013 - April 2014) SO we will be choosing 10 WINNERS as per usual
(plus ONE RANDOM WINNER as always!) BUT here is the difference...


1.  We have TEN HUGE prizes (each valued at approximately $100 US!!) 
for TEN WINNERS!  We will not be grading your entries from 1 to 10 this month.
Rather, we have invited TEN GUEST JUDGES to each select one winner,
based on the entry that they find the most suitable, relevant & appealing.
They will be sending their selected winner's name to me, along with a few
 sentences explaining what they really loved about their winning entry.

2.  9 out of 10 of our prizes will be awarded to PAST WOFFERS!  
Woffers are Winners, Features & Finalists, in other words our
 TOP TEN ENTRIES  from the last 12 months!!  This is so that
we are able to determine who are true TOP 10 PLAYERS
 for our First Year are!! So this is like THE FINALS!!

3.  ONE prize will be open to a NEW winner - someone NEVER
featured on our Wall of Fame {WOF} in the past - so there is still
incentive for EVERYONE to enter as one prize is open to anyone
who wins on MERIT & one prize (of $50 value) is open to one
random winner.{as usual but this month even the random
prize is a big one - woot!!}

4.  For your entry to be eligible you need to write 
WOF or NEW after your name WHEN YOU LINK UP - ie:-



(if you've been featured at SATW before & forget
to write WOF, or don't state WOF or NEW you will
automatically be put into the NEW category, for 
which there is only one prize, as opposed to nine!

Instead of writing - Julia Roberts - USA
you should now write - Julia Roberts - USA - WOF
 (if you have been a winner, feature or finalist before 
& have therefore featured in our Wall of Fame in the past)

OR - if you have never been a winner, feature or finalist before,
you need to write - Julia Roberts - USA - NEW {for example!}

Got it?!  If you forget & cannot delete your entry then please
load it again.  Only entries with WOF or NEW after the name
& country will be eligible for any prizes - THANK YOU!!

I am your challenge host this month!  Mood board compiled by moi :)

Challenge THIRTEEN hosted by Helen Tilbury, South Africa.


Feel free to interpret the mood board in any way you like,
 using one image, several of them, all of them or even just
 one aspect of an image, using ANY COLOURS!  

To be eligible for judging:-
You need to follow our 10 Golden Rules found HERE, which include :

1)  Sharing the mood board image.

2)  Mentioning Scrap Around The World {in full - not just 
SATW} & LINKING BACK to the current challenge.

3)  Mentioning HOW you were inspired by our mood board,
unless it is absolutely obvious & no explanation is required.
{better to be safe & write a line or two explaining your inspiration}

4)  Linking back to your SATW blog post NOT YOUR ENTIRE BLOG.

If receiving comments from some of our Design Team members is important
 to you please ensure that you have WORD VERIFICATION TURNED OFF.


We have a HUGE reveal for you today! 
NO mid-month reveal this month BECAUSE we are hosting 
most of our sponsor's Design Teams as our Guests this month!

This is my layout for this festive occasion:

Celebrate a new Life:

For this event I used two gorgeous collection by BoBunny The Avenues and Baby Bump I love how they match so well together.


I really hope you are all going to play this month because I can tell you there are some amazing prizes to be won.


woensdag 30 april 2014

Mix & Match layout for BoBunny

Hi everyone,
Did you all visit the BoBunny blog??? There is still a massive giveaway going on.
 On my very own blog as well...so 

and for the BoBunny blog press 

I really enjoy mixing and matching BoBunny collections. I totally went nuts by combining a total of seven gorgeous collections. I used Baby Bump, Head over Heels, Happy Trails, Modern Miss Pincushion, Primrose, Pop Quiz and what amazed me was how well they all go together!!


I love to scrap my sweet little nieces so this layout is all about them. When I was younger I really wanted to have a sister or two but I grew up with two brothers, it's not that I don't like having brothers but hey they will never brush your hair or girl talk to you *grin*. My sister in law went to a photographer to make these special pictures of her daughters they always put a smile on my face.

For the bass of my layout I used the gorgeous Happy Tails sheet and stamped on the bottom part of the sheet I then used the music note stamp from the Autumn Song collection to match the stamping that's already on the sheet. Next I colored on top of the music note stamp to give it extra dimension and for the finishing touch I used a stencil. I really hope you are going to try mixing up all the pretty BoBunny collections.

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Spunky/Modern Miss; Great Expectations/Baby Bump; Bookworm/Pop Quiz; Happy Trails/Happy Trails; Prince Charming/Head Over Heels; Dot/Primrose; Pincushion/Pincushion
Washi Tape: Primrose
Stamps: Autumn Song
Jewels: Baby Bump

I really hope you will all enter my giveaway.