zondag 19 mei 2024

Altered Box for ***2Crafty Chipboard***!!!

 Well hello there crafty friends, 
I am very delighted you are her with me, for today I'd like to share a altered box that I created for my colleague who is leaving us to enjoy her well deserved pension. Although it's with a raw edge since she heard that her cancer is back since the beginning of march {throughout her bones this time} but that doesn't keep her from being a very positive lady and I really admire her for that and so much more. This box holds cards from her colleagues who worked with her a lot longer then me, since I started working there september 2023. But that doesn't mean I didn't make her a card,  I of course did and a nice box to hold them in, in her favorite color yellow. Enjoy this post.....

Amaze Yourself:

2Crafty Chipboard used:
Skeleton Leaves
BeeYoutiful Set
Oversized Flower Stem Set
Fine Word Set 2
Amaze Yourself
Mini Word Set 3

You know what's amazing, you can order directly from the
2Crafty website here so you can also play with their amazing chipboard pieces.

I painted the oversized flower stem set with some spray paint and a pencil in defferent colors. But fistly I cut them up and only used pieces of them. For the skeleton leaves I used the same technique. Undertneath the big green piece of paper there is a picture of "Riek" but I wasn't sure if she wanted me to post it online so I didn't. 

The words & phrases are threated with two layers of white gesso after that I added some white shiny embossing powder {three layers} then I added some stained wood wax on all of tehm some a little more then the other. The beeyoutiful set was only altered with white gesso and tucked in flower clusters.

Thank you so much for your visit today. And I sure hope that I have inspired you to take out your lovely 2Crafty Chippies and create and have fun while doing so. Have a blessed & sunny week!