maandag 11 februari 2013



It's so cold outside again brrrrr this was the view from my bedroom window yesterday morning.

Kevin had so much fun yesterday on his birthday he got some very nice presents...he was the happiest eight year old boy i've seen......
I have another excame Thursday so I will not be posting very much this week.... but ofcourse I will be checking your blogs out...
Just a pretty song:

Have a wonderful week,

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  1. Wow all that snow Amy, I can only dream as I look out my window to a beach full of people swimming and basking (more like roasting) in the heat! LOL

    Happy birthday to your little man, well not so little now!!!

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    1. Dank je wel.....zal mijn best doen hihihi. Ik zou het wel leuk vinden om eens telefoonnummers uit te wisselen. Ik kan nooit met iemand over scrappen praten ....behalve mijn mannie maar die wordt ook gek van me hihihi xxx Amy

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  4. Glad he had a good birthday - & good luck this week:):) BTW, the view out your window is truly beautiful...cold, but lovely!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your boy! Mine has a birthday today!! Wow looks really chilly in your neck of the woods :)