maandag 2 februari 2015

My pinterest inspired Off The Page project for ***BoBunny***

Hi everyone, 
Today I would like to share my pinterest inspired off the page project.
I love surfing around the net especially on pinterest you get so many ideas just looking around.
As most of you know I live in The Netherlands that's why I wanted to make something Dutch.
So I came up with a "Clog" what's more Dutch then that right?
This picture inspired me to make my OTP.
Wooden Clog
For this clog I used the pretty Rose Cafe collection I think the person that created that collection must have Dutch roots, as I said before I love the blues in that collection it looks like Delft's Blue.
I have a little tutorial on how I made this.

The original look of the clog.
All gessod, abraded and gessod again to give the surface a better attachment for my next layer of paper pieces.
I used some glue & seal matte finished to attach the pieces of paper and later on sprayed it with some golden glimmer mist and stamped it with the it is written stamp.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today I hope you will visit the BoBunny blog too, to see what all the other girls on the team made!

BoBunny Supplies: 
Patterned Paper: Fresco/Rose Cafe
Stickers: Combo Sticker/Rose Cafe
Buttons: Altitude
Stamps: It Is Written
Jewels: Double Dot Blue Hues, Frosting, Licorice
Glimmer Spray: Gold, Sugar
Pearlescents Pen: Butterscotch 
Blossoms: Buttercup Pansy, Natural Earth Zinnia, Denim Blue Bouquet

Have a creative day!!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Fabulous clog! I love it! I should be dutch because my favorite color it blue!

  2. Hij is zo gaaaaaffff! Echt super mooi!

  3. I LOVE your gorgeous clog so much! Clogs are typical Swedish too, so of course I will take the chance to win this one! :-)

  4. Oh that is so pretty and I think it would suit me the yellow ones I had my photo taken in at Zaanse were waaaaaayyyy to big..... :D love what you have created here and it looks so pretty hanging on the wall... We saw so many on the sides of houses and shops that were used for plants if I had room in my case I would have brought some back with me... Next time. <3

  5. So very beautiful like everything you create. I don't have a clog as they aren't found here much unless someone brings them from overseas. Fingers crossed I'm lucky enough to start my collection with this one.

  6. Beautiful piece of art! I remember going to the Dutch club when I was small and watch them dance in these!

  7. You made your clog sooo gorgeous.....& that palette, to me, is quintessentially Dutch.....maybe the Delft thing, I guess....anywyays. LOOOOOOVE it!!!