vrijdag 1 juli 2016

Happy Happy Happy NEWS NEW DT......

Hi lovelies, 
I am extremely happy to say the least.....in beginning of December 2015 a dream came true for me. I only just got myself a DT spot at "Creative Embellishments" which I thought was pretty amazing too and I found it my obligation to use that DT spot correctly and wait until my term was over to leave. 
Now my term at "Creative Embellishments"is over and I enjoyed every inch of it.....thanks everyone on this wonderful team to make it a memorable time.
But now my super happy news....yeahhhh!
On the 5th of December the day we celebrate "Sinterklaas" here in The Netherlands, I got a PM on Facebook from the lovely Jennifer Mahoney Hedger owner of the amazing Dusty Attic....and I was totally flabbergasted that she even considered to have me on the team WOW.
I told her that I just got a DT spot for another chipboard manufacturer then she said why don't you just come in July then?? If you want too and of course I said yes.....I had to pinch myself like a million times little old me designing for Dusty Attic. 
DREAMS do come true! 
The last six months I did not miss a thing at the Dusty Attic blog because I was added to the Facebook group in December so I could keep in touch with all the lovely ladies on the team.  
Two weeks back I got my first DT box and let me tell you it was so much fun to open it! I was just oeing and aaing and my hubby & son were just laughing because of me doing so.
You will see my work on the 22nd of each month on the blog here
====> "Dusty Attic" <==== 
I can't wait to get my hands dirty, oh well I already started creating....lol
Thanks for visiting my blog today and have a lovely upcoming weekend xox

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh wat gaaf zeg! Superleuk nieuws! Gefeliciteerd!!

  2. Well done! They're a super fun team - I'm sure you'll adore every minute:):)

  3. Gefeliciteerd meid, je hebt het zo verdiend, jouw stijl past echt perfect bij DA!