donderdag 14 maart 2013

* Liebster Award *

Hi sweets,

This sunday I got some sweet sweet news from my sweet friend "Patricia Basson" who lives in South Africa. Originally she's from The Netherlands my country.......
Thank you so much this means a lot to me my friend and now it's proudly posted on my blog.
The Liebster Award was designed to be a blog award in the pay it forward fashion. It is awarded to blogs that have fewer than 200 followers to encourage new visitors to them. Once you have been nominated, you award it to five other blogs.

The rules are: post the award on your blog, give the award to 5 bloggers who you appreciate that have fewer than 200 followers then leave a comment on their blogs to let them know you have given them this award.

So these are my chosen 5....

Patricia Basson blog name: Between the sheets...
You are one amazingly talented lady and also a very kind en sweet person we are both on the Imaginarium Designs Team thank you for giving me this award big hugs.

Marivic Clifton blog name: Lace, Button, and Gumdrops....
I love your work and you are so generous towards the people that visit you blog thank you for all you kindness.

Sandra Scott blog name: Kiandra Kreations.....
My sweet sweet mom from across the world who's my friend for a while now. She create's so many beautiful pages and is ONE AMAZING LADY.....her daughter is my age! I hope I could visit her one day.

Lauren blog name: Let's Get Messy.....
Sorry sweets I do not know you last name you get an award toooo thank you for all the inspiration xox

Astrid de Beer blog name: Life of the BearFamily....
Another very talented lady in my country she is such a sweetheart and she has a son my age so we have a lot in commen liefs Amy :)

You ladies are my nominees for the Liebster Award....I hope this
small act of kindness will push these bloggers to those numbers soon...Please take the time to visit and join their blogs, I promise you will not be disappointed!


4 opmerkingen:

  1. You're very sweet, thank you for this award.

  2. aww... i'm so sorry you missed out on the big prize! I had to make those rules because it did happen to me before that my giveaway winners would never get back to me - hehe Tell you what... send me your shipping info at nicutopia(at)hotmail(dot)com and i'll send you a little something from my stash. I have sooo much stuff and it feels good to purge once in a while. I'll make sure it's pretty :)

  3. Well done on the Leibster award - your work is lovely & you sooo deserve it - lovely to share this award - great scrappers you've mentioned here, too:):)