maandag 27 februari 2012

Thinking..........about my GIVE-AWAY

Hi girls,
Still thinking how I can be original in my give-aways.......
If you have any ideas tell me what you think is original and the best idea will win a little something!
You also have too be a follower to this site in order to win.
I will come back this friday to post a picture what I will be sending the winner.
I will pick a winner on friday march 16... at 12 am dutch time.

He is praying you will win: *grin* just kidding

Our precious son
Love Amy 


3 opmerkingen:

  1. I've seen "Name your own" giveaways where the commenter names a favorite supply they would like to win............

  2. I think that giveaways are such a generous thing to do that we should be grateful for whatever is offered, however if the supplies match or blend it would be easy to create a LO.

  3. Hi Amy
    I sent you an email regarding the giveaway
    Fond regards