maandag 6 februari 2012

Snow lovely snow !!!

Hi ladies,

 In my last blog I told you that I would come back later after taking pictures of the beautiful snow......... but "my camera"....... died well the batteries did........
So now finally showing of my pictures:

And yes we had a snow fight and me being with two men know what happend..... "I was so cold brrrrrr" but we had a blast!!! look below:

He is such a cutie without his two front teeth........

Making a snow angel in the backjard pretty and last but not least a picture of us all together
Hope you liked my pictures.... I will be back soon .

Love Amy


vrijdag 3 februari 2012

WIN EVERYDAY POETRY {The whole collection!}

Hi Ladies,

Jippie it's snowing in Holland going too take some pictures and show it too you later.......
Webster is giving away the most pretty collections all times:
I just LOVE LOVE them big time and I bet you will too!!!!! So go over too there blog and have a chance too win this awesome line:
Here is what you can win:
Good luck ladies!!
Love Amy

woensdag 1 februari 2012

Bo Bunny Layout Challenge Friday!

Hi dear scrapfriends,

I thought I would give it a try the "Bo Bunny Layout Challenge"!!!
I used my two favorite lines of Bo Bunny "Gabrielle" and "Welcome Home" and I had a blast making this lo.
I used a picture of us during our 2010 vacation in spain.
Also used a vine and a cute rasin and a wooden gate (love that)!
I had different lichting during the day so I have more pictures.
Bo Bunny's sketch:

My lo:
 Two close-ups

Other lichting:

Hope you like my lo.
Love Amy